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The fan challenge, exposed!

So as I’ve said previously, my little man is obsessed with ceiling fans. If a fan in any room is not moving, he puts his little hands on his cheeks and says “ahh bow!”, which means “oh, no!”, which leads to him obsessing until the fan is spinning, usually at the highest speed.
We took a trip to Lowes in hopes to finally select a room color for the playroom, which has yet to become a playroom as planned for the last 2 years. I just can’t seem to pick a color scheme, probably because I have a tacky mix of colored bins, some hand me downs and some sale bins to temporarily use until we are able to buy bins that match. Well, many of us know how that goes. We already have bins that work (albeit an array of colors that by no means match), so why spend the money on new ones? Never mind that the mismatch room of confusion drives me to an instant migraine at the sight utter disarray! Anyway, that is my total dilemma; not wanting to “waste” money despite the heart palpitations that occur at one glance of that room. So that is why we have had multiple trips to Lowes, as my loving husband patiently comes along again and again, each time knowing that his wife is nowhere near finished.
So going way off topic, back to my little man. He is fascinated by these random blades in the air that go around and around. As cute as it can be at times, I’d be lying if I said it was always a joy to stop everything I am doing to abide by his obsessive demand. It is frustrating. So, as many of you have been to a hardware store, I’m sure you have noticed a fan section. Yes, approximately 50-60 fans all hanging..and guess what? Not one single fan is turned on. Talk about not prepared! I never thought to have that discussion with my husband, so in making the best of the situation my husband and I laughed hysterically as our son stood there for 1-2 minutes straight yelling “OHH BOW!!”. I can only imagine the thoughts of customers passing as two parents are belly laughing as their son has his little hands on his cheeks yelling because the dumb fans aren’t turned on. I’m laughing just thinking about it. We were able to enjoy our trip to choose yet another scheme of colors, which won’t work, and were also able to pass yet another hurtle of one of many to come for our son. What a hysterical time we had! Another learning experience in the books.image
“I turned the fan on and I’m so proud!”