Raising early intervention and autism awareness through our amazing journey

I am researching and learning quite a lot. Self-funded insurance plans (which we have) through your employer do not have to follow state autism mandate because they are governed by federal law. So it’s more of a “do as I say not as I do” order since some companies in Virginia don’t have to follow state law. This is why our BCBS plan doesn’t cover autism treatment. And what is worse is that we still haven’t been able to get the medicaid waiver for our special needs child to obtain special services even though he has been diagnosed with a developmental delay and hypotonia in addition to autism. Someone tell me how this is okay? Sounds like I will be gathering information to present to Byron’s company in order to convince them to follow state mandate. Thankfully, Autism Speaks has a 137 page guide for this which will allow me to prepare this fight..and I will fight.
The link is: https://www.autismspeaks.org/sites/default/files/docs/gr/erisa_tool_kit_10232014.pdf
Please take time to at least scroll through the slides they provide. As I said, the autism community needs all the help we can get. The word needs to get out. If we don’t get help for our children, they will eventually become wards of the state. They can either fund the treatment now, or spend the money later when they are adults because they chose not to fund earlier. We will also lose adults that would have had the opportunity to contribute to society, as well as had the chance to thrive as a human being. Sounds not only to be a financial issue but also a human rights issue. Now that should be interesting for the state and federal levels in the future, won’t it?? They are making a HUGE mistake and something needs to be done now! We NEED your help and support!!


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