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Here we go again..

My last post was about the three page letter we wrote to social services to explain how we anticipated Milo to be denied the waiver he deserves. We faxed the letter to the RN, her supervisor, the social worker, her supervisor, and the supervisor’s supervisor, on May 14, 2015. Today, Saturday 16, 2015, we received the denial letter. I can only assume that our letter and the denial letter crossed paths in transition. I am so mad I could spit!; My grandma used to say that when she was mad so it seems appropriate. If it were a fair assessment it would be different, but it was not. It was a horrible excuse for an assessment. The fact that we lost his community based services April 30, 2015, and that it wasn’t even written in the denial letter, explains just how much area the assessment covered..barely any! They didn’t even cover the most important part that would put him at risk of a nursing facility?!

Let’s break this down-

Milo HAD services, TEN in-home hours a week. He lost those TEN hour in-home services on April 30, 2015. He now has ZERO in-home services which IS a change in his care since his services are GONE. We told them that numerous times, but do you see that stated in the most important part of the letter?? No. It states that there are NO changes in service. Unreal.
And we keep fighting on..






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